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      Customized Sheet Metal Stamping Parts For Auto Car


      Haiyang Libenli Metal &Tech CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of sheet metal products. Our main products are Metal living furniture, tool cabinets,Stamping parts, Metal racks, Communication equipment fittings, Air-conditioner accessories, Automobile parts, smart delivery lockers etc.

      Product MaterialLow/middle/high carbon steel, stainless steel, alumium, brass, bronze, copper, and other customized material.
      ProcessIncluding tooling fabrication, stamping, deep drawing, punching, spinning, laser cutting, bending,  welding, machining and assembly.
      Surface FinishHeat treatment, (Zinc, nickel, chrome, tin, brass)plating, black oxide, powder coating, paint coating, anodizing, etc.
      Other RequirementsCustomzing Service


      If you have any questions or needs about the product, please fill in the following form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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